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The methods to get slim fast

The methods to get slim fast

Take probiotics

Probiotics are good intestinal bacteria that aid in digestion and reduce the risk of obesity and metabolic defects. Use regular yogurt, probiotic drinks, kimchi, and pickles to increase the number and variety of good gut bacteria.

Eat healthy snacks

Feeling hungry between meals is normal. You must be careful with the snacks you choose to eat to lose weight quickly. Eat healthy snacks, such as carrots, cucumbers, baking chips, chickpeas, fruit, coconut water, yogurt, and fresh fruit juice. Avoid unhealthy snacks at all costs.

Dine early

Dinner at 7 pm. You will have 2-3 hours to digest your food before pressing on the bed. Eat delayed food and sleep right after proper digestion. Also, if you choose to eat carbohydrates, dine before 7 pm.

Take a walk after dinner.

Take a walk after dinner. It will help digest food and consume some calories while walking. You can do it with your friends, husband or colleagues, alone or with your dog. Walking will relax your mind.

Avoid snacks late at night.

Do not stay awake 2-3 hours after dinner. You’ll feel hungry and could end up eating something, which will prevent you from losing the extra inches. Brush your teeth, read a book, or listen to soothing music to help you sleep on time.

Running around!

Running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that helps you eliminate fat from the entire body. It also helps improve endurance and lung. You must run if you want to lose weight. All you need are running shoes, workout clothes, a treadmill, or a running track near you. You should also be careful with the running position. If you are not sure how to start running, here is a detailed post.

Try other exercises

In addition to running, you should also try other exercises. Aerobic exercise uses oxygen while using glucose, glycogen, or protein for fuel. You can go to Zumba, do aerobics, swim, bike, walk, or do yoga.

It is HIIT

HIIT or high intensity interval training is an anaerobic exercise (does not use oxygen). HIIT burns fat instead of glucose or glycogen. High-intensity exercise periods with equal rest phases help burn more calories than moderate-intensity exercise. Studies have found that HIIT reduced fat by 28.5% compared to moderate-intensity exercise and increased glucose tolerance. Squeeze at least twice a week for 30-45 minutes, it will remove fat and you will get a carved body.

Practice strength training

Strength training is about strengthening and strengthening your muscles. You can lift weights, body weight, and isometric exercises, and use resistance bars and TRX ranges. However, it is not just about strength training. To lose weight, you should do 4-5 hours of aerobic exercise in the first 3-4 weeks and then start 2-3 hours of strength training per week.